Winter Tablescape Design Workshop Recap / by Ricci Cande

Happy New Year! We ended 2018 with such creative energy - this workshop brought together a lot of my favorite local industry people that let me run with all my moody hues and dark palette desires. I’ve always been drawn to darker palettes and the sensuality in deeper crimsons, mauves, blacks, reds, you name it - I think these tones carry a weight that the lighter tones can’t touch. So for our winter design class, I wanted to do something that wasn’t so light and fluffy (or christmas-y), and I always love to challenge myself as an artist, and others as well. So for this year, we did a gorgeous mix of black crushed velvet (why not black?!), with silvers and forest greens to bring in the christmas vibe, without being too shockingly “ho ho ho”.

We had so much fun in our winter design workshop, with a full day of florals and tablescape design! The first part of our workshop, we went through the basic elements of a floral centerpiece, starting with mechanics and structure. We used ceramic footed white bowls (great neutrals that can be re-used for any table palette) for an 8ft table. Instead of foam, which is admittedly an easier base structure, we used chicken wire. Again, I wanted others who maybe hadn’t used it to challenge themselves, and approach the design in a different way - I feel chicken wire celebrates the flowers and their natural shape more than foam.

We had our workshop in Viscera, a design house and boutique located in Downtown Oakland (we also happen to sell some of our products there, so definitely stop by and check them out!) - Ari the shop owner has hand painted a mural in gorgeous purple hues over a black (swoon) wall, so I chose our floral palette to compliment the mural. The mauve, lilac, and purple tones went so well against our wintery moods of forest green, silver, black, and gray. Very sensual (maybe a theme?), very romantic, classic, and modern.

In our second half of the class, we created a full tablescape design, using linens and runners from Party Crush Studio. We had a crushed white linen that was a little stark against our table decor, and Courtney (our photographer) also pointed out wasn’t photographing as well. It was a great exercise in how to read all of the elements in the room when pulling together your tablescape. We chose a silvery gray and forest green cotton runner, paired with the different table decor elements of plates, tumblrs, tapered candles, (black, so sexy!) and gorgeous acrylic name cards and stationary from The Bright Line Studio. We talked about how to pull things together to create a cohesive look using all of these different elements, based on texture, color, and basic elemental design - the end result was sleek, and had a festive holiday vibe without being overpowering.

Here are some photos of our workshop, including some student work, detailed design, and the gifts and goodies from our favorites like Herbs + Oils Bath and Salt Point! Courtney Y of Photoflood Studio came in to photograph our workshop, and she did such an amazing job! Thank you to all of our partners and friendors that were involved, we always love working with you <3

We hope everyone had a Happy Near Year! Feel like you missed out? We have another workshop coming up for Valentine’s Day, you can check it out here! See you there <3