An Ode to Begonias / by Jess Valentine

Thanks to these plants, you never have to suffer from a dull living space ever again. Say hello to the famous un-killable plant. These diverse plants vary in size, shape, color, and texture. With upward of 900 different species, this plant has much to offer - especially for those of us who have trouble keeping things alive. They tolerate shade well, so therefore are perfect for indoors or patio spaces. In exchange for a little bit of water here and there, the beautiful colorful patterns are sure to liven up any space.

Just living is not enough, one needs sunshine, freedom, and pretty flowers.


We had an event that called for a tropical-like touch. I wanted to use the colorful leaves of the begonias to accent the already tropical centerpieces, so we added these sweet little 2-in begonias to the tables as an accent - but as you can see, with how colorful the leaves are, even the smallest plant really makes an impact!

If you have to re-pot the plants, do it with the gentlest touch. Make sure to keep the soil intact, you want to be careful not to rip the roots out. Place fresh soil in the new pot, be wary of the fact that if you fill it up too far the watering process will be difficult. Hold a thumb gently on the plant so that it stays centered as you fill in the edges. Delicately push down on the soil to compress it, and voila - your new potted begonia.

Be wary of overwatering however, you will literally drown these beauties in your affection. Make sure to keep them in lightly damp soil that has good drainage. Some species of Begonias go dormant in certain seasons, simply keep them cool and dry and they’ll be ready to roll when the right time comes around.

Welcome these beauties into your life. These are perfect for beginners, being easy to manage, as well as easy to revive. The pops of gentle color is enough to bring a little personality into any room. Happy planting <3.